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Mind, Body, Spirit

Tonal chiropractic is the true essence of what chiropractic is. In addition to relieving physical pain, tonal chiropractic care also helps to heal a person's mental and spiritual well-being. Every person has a unique expression of life, as such, care is highly individualized to suit what your body needs.

All of the atoms in our body are constantly vibrating. That is what gives us form. Our bodies run on energy and electricity that flows from our brain, down our spine, and into every single organ, tissue, and gland that makes up our being. 

As explained in the video above, think of your body like a stringed instrument. If a violin is not strung properly, the music will be distorted. The same can be said  of our bodies. If the nerves in our body are either too tight, or too loose, life does not flow correctly. We can get sick, become depressed and anxious, and pain takes over. 

Tonal chiropractic addresses these issues at the source: your nervous system. The flow of life itself. 

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