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Every hero needs a utility belt to face life's trials and save the day. Hero Chiropractic is no different. Dr. Ryan uses the advanced technology in the Hero Utility Belt tools to look deep into the nervous system and develop a care plan.

"When all three instruments are brought together, the path of adventure and life manifests for those bold enough to take a leap of faith..."   ~The Ancient Texts~

Hero Utility Belt sEMG Scanner



  • Quickly and effectively measures the flow of energy from your spine into your muscles.

  • Gives insight into long-term effects of poor posture.

  • Answers if you are using your body's energy effectively.

Hero Utility Belt Thermal Scanner



  • Gives information on disrupted nerve flow that could be contributing to various health issues.

  • Shows insight on how your nervous system is effecting organs, glands, and tissues.


  • Accurately measures your body's ability to handle long term stress and anxiety.

  • Provides information on how your mental health effects your energy levels.

  • Shown to be one of the best indicators of future health. 


Hero Utility Belt Heart Rate Scanner

Hero Utility Belt 

Scan Examples

neuroCORE (sEMG):

Hero Utility Belt sEMG Scan


Hero Utility Belt Thermal Scan

neuroPULSE (HRV):

Hero Utility Belt Heart Rate Scan
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