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Meet the doctor

Dr. Ryan Moore

Doctor of Chiropractic

Life University


Dr. Moore hails from Columbus, Ohio and moved to Georgia in 2011 to earn his chiropractic degree. Before graduating he saw the amazing benefits of chiropractic change lives during a trip to serve in Ghana, Africa. Upon return Dr. Ryan worked for one year in his own office, and decided that taking things on the road was the best way to spread the healing benefits of chiropractic care to others.

Specializing in tonal chiropractic care, Ryan works with a patient’s nervous system to let the body work to its fullest potential.

Due to personal experience with stress and anxiety, Dr. Ryan sought out help in chiropractic care and found it provided drastic improvement. He has a special place in his heart for those that suffer from emotional and mental trauma and the benefits that chiropractic can bring them. 


An avid fan of gaming, Japanese animation, and cosplay, Dr. Ryan brings a unique twist to health whether at home, at conventions, or on the go. 

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