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The Feelings Generation.

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

My name is Ryan Moore, and I am a recovering Feelings addict.

Yes, you read that right. What is a feelings addict? Someone who makes decisions based less on logic, and more how things feel.

In my generation and below specifically we have been led to focus on what feels good, what gives instant gratification and comforts our pain in the moment.


According to a poll done in 2017 by CNBC,

60% of millennials spend over $4 on coffee almost daily,

76% will spend their money on the newest electronic device,

79% regularly eat at expensive restaurants..

Most admitting that they have less than $1000 dollars saved in their bank accounts. What do these have in common? 

Feelings, what tastes good, what looks good, what feels good. 

I am guilty of many of these practices myself. What is the problem with this? Feelings don't necessarily lead to anything lasting, a sense of purpose, or a quality career.

Hard work and repetition, and dealing with boredom are all part of this life. We have become entertainment junkies, addicted to the flashy and new, and have traded style for substance in our purchases and relationships.

Having fun and feeling good is important and necessary for us as human beings, but when we only think of jumping from one feel good moment to the next (galavanting about if you will), we become disengaged from reality, and trapped in our minds, our devices, and homes. More connected through technology, but are more alone than ever before.


My name is Ryan Moore, and I'm a recovering Feelings addict. 

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